Teifoc® Horse Stable Construction Set


Product #: T1021
Ages: 6 years and up

  • Designed to teach children the basics of brick and mortar building
  • Bricks are baked at high temperatures, just like bricks used on real houses
  • Mortar dissolves in water, so kids can build and rebuild
Little builders will love constructing a miniature home for their horses with the Teifoc Horse Stable Construction Set. A great addition to any Teifoc set and perfect for imaginary play, The Horse Stable Construction Set incorporates real, reusable miniature bricks for building. Using an architect-like trowel and safe and soluble sand and corn-extract based mortar, little builders can create one of a kind castles and landscapes. To build a new model, simply soak in water, dry the bricks and start again. It's as easy as that! Teifoc is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Eitech in Germany.