Teifoc® Castle/Penholder Construction Set


Product #: T4000
Ages: 6 years and up

  • Designed to teach children the basics of brick and mortar building
  • Bricks are baked at high temperatures, just like bricks used on real houses
  • Mortar dissolves in water, so kids can build and rebuild
Build your own castle variation with the Teifoc brick and mortar construction kit using real clay bricks and cement. Teifoc is a unique build and play system that uses real reusable bricks to create fun and elaborate structures and creations. This kit includes over 80 bricks and slates, Teifoc cement with bowl and masonry trowel, and board to construct the model on. The doors and windows are made of high quality synthetic material. Safe and soluble sand and corn-extract based mortar creates castles and landscapes. To build a new model, simply soak in water, dry the bricks and start again. It’s as easy as that! This construction set will look great as part of any model railway or imaginative play scene setting. The whole family has fun with Teifoc, especially the little architects and builders.